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We’ve always been fans of celebrating horror, in video games and other media, whenever it feels right and the trend to confine your enjoyment of horror-adjacent media to October seems odd. If you search through the games added to The List in Season 11 so far, you’ll find that we’ve already been dancing through the macabre more than a few times. Still, we thought it would only be fair to pack October with horror games to celebrate the season officially.

First, we explore Mamiya mansion in Capcom’s 1989 Sweet Home for the Famicom. The direct inspiration for Resident Evil and perhaps the beginning of the survival horror genre, we find out what was awaiting us had we only spoken Japanese and lived across the globe thirty four years ago. The game was developed alongside the release of a movie of the same title, and features the same main characters and overall plot as the movie.

Next, we remake episode 498 (and recycle this joke) with Capcom’s latest in Resident Evil remakes, seeing how Resident Evil 4 stacks against its original release. The remake seeks to modernize the controls and fit the game within the current line of Resident Evil titles.

We add our first Atari 2600 game to The List with Halloween, exploring another film adaptation of a horror movie. This time we play as a babysitter on a mission to save as many children as we can from the killer on the loose.

Following up a Double Fine classic, Costume Quest 2 makes its way into Season 11. This time, we’re saving the world from losing Halloween forever and traveling through time to do so. We’ll dress up and transform into various beings as we fight the evil dentist who wants to ruin the best day of the year for everyone.

Finally, we’re returning to the most famous video game mansion and helping one plumber to save another. Luigi’s Mansion joins The List just in time for Halloween and we’ll learn the best techniques for finding money with a vacuum cleaner while teaching Luigi to fight with confidence.

Sweet Home

It’s 1989 and Capcom just released the first survival horror video game, paralleling the film of the same name, Sweet Home.

Resident Evil 4

We discuss what’s changed in Capcom’s remake of the game that defined third-person action and look at where the Resident Evil series is going. 


In celebration of its 40th anniversary, we’re adding the killer video game Halloween, based on the film of the same name, to The List.

Costume Quest 2

We’re stacking up the sequel to Costume Quest against The List in this broken age of double Fine references in a single sentence.

Luigi’s Mansion

We suck up ghosts one by one until we find the true horror behind the mansion.

As we continue the year and begin this month, the current number one game on The List is:

Wii Sports.

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