The Free Cheese Episode 478: Deadly Premonition

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The Free Cheese Episode 478: Deadly Premonition

This week on The Free Cheese, avoid going outside when it is raining.

Grab your coffee and get ready to take a drive across town as we investigate a strange murder in a small town. We’re playing and ranking Deadly Premonition after finding it to be quite the surprise title on our list.


I really like how many systems are in this game. Combined it feels like nothing fully reaches its potential but it’s really impressive to see what types of actions were considered for the player. So many games just take over certain gameplay elements with cutscenes or quicktime events, but this puts you in control.

I enjoy the force of realism against surreality and how the two compliment and contradict the world within Deadly Premonition. I think you could play this game in real time and live your life even closer to York’s. I appreciate the details of every character’s life and routine, and how you can follow them in a day just to see what they’re up to. 

There are a lot of really artistic and well thought scenes that show just how ambitious this title was and still is. I think everyone should play this game and enjoy living out a few days in Greenvale.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Zach, don’t you agree this is a bizarre game? On one hand the story and some gameplay is good. On the other is the open world and all the frustration around that. Unlike a good antique collection, this game isn’t well-polished. Don’t you agree, Zach? Hanging around for the bonkers last couple of hours makes the frustrations easier to get over. Zach, I don’t think I need my coffee to tell me this may be the best bargain bin buy.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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