The Free Cheese Episode 441: Wii Sports

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The Free Cheese Episode 441: Wii Sports

This week on The Free Cheese, a revolution.

Our game this week launched the Nintendo Wii and truly became a household name. We talk about Wii Sports and its legacy, our own memories of the game, and how it holds up today. Additionally, on the tenth anniversary of the PlayStation Vita, we look back at our highlights with the game, discuss its entrance into the marketplace, and where it stands against the 3DS.

Episode Timestamps

4:44 – Wii Sports

29:38 – PSN Recommendations

48:48 – Many Years Ago Today

01:11:20 – This or That?

01:19:32 – A Game By Its Trophy

01:38:13 – The Ranking


I think Wii Sports has a place in everyone’s memory and for a while it had become a commodity more than an experience. Sixteen years since launch, I found it to be approachable and accommodating to my play style. When I wanted to grab the Wii Remote and move around a little bit, I could. When I wanted to push myself and find a challenge, I could. Ultimately, Wii Sports is fun to play. It wholly realizes what it wants to be and remains one of the greatest video game accomplishments to date.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


It’s impressive that a game bundled with a system that was very divisive in its time was also able to bring in so many new players and become such a sought after title. Your skill level and/or past gaming experience are not requirements and I think that’s a very thoughtful design choice. To not only be accessible, but also just a good and fun game with a lot to offer. It can be both simple and challenging and oddly adds a level of immersion with Mii implementation. The Wii’s limitations work as a creative asset and it doesn’t hinder the game’s overall presentation. It could be tiring after a while since it demands some form of physical movement, but that’s also kind of the point, right? I think Wii Sports biggest obstacle now is its availability, but now we live in a world where a successor exists on the Switch. This game will forever be one of Nintendo’s greatest examples that defines what this company is capable of when they fully utilized.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Five out of five. That has to be the score if I take the viewing lens of Wii Sports and zoom out to a global population and how it potentially changed gaming. I’m trying my best not to view Wii Sports in that way but it’s hard to ignore when reviewing this game today. It can’t be stated enough how easy this game is to pick up and play. It almost seems too simple but there’s a level of depth that comes with a twist of the wrist that makes Wii Sports hard to master. Alongside the challenge modes that were definitely not needed but are a welcome addition, Wii Sports is a must play title for anyone interested in gaming. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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