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The Best Games This Year As Played By The Guy Doing Construction in the Background of Every Podcast This Year

December 24, 2019

The Best Games This Year As Played By The Guy Doing Construction in the Background of Every Podcast This Year

It’s been a year for video games and it’s been at least two for construction next door that only happens when we hit record. Here are the best video games of 2019 from the unofficial but never silent fifth member of our podcast.

Super Kirby Clash

This free-to-start surprise release on Nintendo Switch brought another HAL Laboratories experiment to life and let the little pink puffball equip the most important tool: a hammer.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

All you can ask for in a sequel is that it’s better than the first and the latest release in the Dragon Quest spinoff series truly refined the game loop and added so many quality of life improvements that were missing from the first.

It also features a hammer as a tool and a hammer is pictured on the cover of the game.

House Flipper

I know what you’re thinking, this game came out in 2018 but I honestly just haven’t stopped playing it. Every night after work until 9:30 or 10:00, every weekend from sunrise until long after it sets, and of course every holiday (even Christmas Eve!), I’m playing this game. I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing this game. I do not see an end in sight.

Death Stranding

I really like Kojima’s games. There’s a depth to them that is unmatched and while some might view him as weird for weird and nothing more, I find that I can insert myself into the themes that he explores as a storyteller and gain greater meaning for my own life. Seeing the world realized both through Kojima’s vision and here in Death Stranding specifically has provided me with a new outline for the future.

Playing this game felt to me like going on a trip to a place you don’t fully understand. It can be scary and frustrating and esoteric, but when you succumb to its nature and allow yourself to get lost in it, you often realize how much of yourself you’re learning to find.

I can’t wait to see what he dreams up next.

The Free Cheese Staff is made up of a bunch of friends who love playing and talking about video games. They run this website and talk on a podcast, all in between adventures with a controller in hand.
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