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Scalebound Cancellation | Awesome Games Done Quick

Welcome to the FlipSide, where the good and the bad in video games collide. Every week, I will recap one positive news story, one negative news story, and then explain why I feel that is the case.

/ January 12, 2017

Mafia 3 Review

Welcome to 1968 America, a period of time where the grass wasn’t so green. The nation was in the middle of The Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement was well underway. What is more interesting about the latter is...

/ October 26, 2016

Questions About the Nintendo Switch Worth Pausing For

Finally! Thank you Nintendo for finally giving us a good glimpse of what the NX a.k.a. it’s real market name, the Nintendo Switch, is. I’m writing this about 50 minutes after the teaser was announced earlier today and I am...

/ October 20, 2016

What Was Your Favorite Moment in Gaming of 2015?

2015's end is so close to becoming a part of our past forever and as I exhaust every "end of the year" style question that I can think of, I think of one more. To me it felt like 2015 was...

/ December 18, 2015

I Want an Xbox One

On launch day of the PlayStation 4, as I waited for the UPS man to bring me my new box, I published an article about ending the console wars. It was meant to call out the immaturity of the console...

/ November 1, 2015

Which Console Should You Buy This Holiday?

According to Peggy Hill, the busiest shopping day of the holiday season is already behind us. Congratulations to the three of you that got that joke. Yet just because Black Friday has already passed, it doesn't mean that we are...

/ December 8, 2014

Never Alone Review

Never Alone was one of those games that sort of just appeared one day for me. Running this site, I try to keep up with everything that I can and I have a general idea of what is being released from...

/ December 8, 2014

The Crew Gameplay Shown at E3 2014

This beautiful coast-to-cost racer offers customization, co-operative play, and exploration modes. You can register now for the closed beta at thecrewgame.com to join crews with people from around the world. The beta begins on July 23rd.   Follow Ubisoft for news...

/ June 9, 2014