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Now Playing | Splatoon 2

After a brief hiatus, we found ourselves falling completely in love with Splatoon 2. In this video, we show a little bit of the world of Splatoon 2 and then...

/ March 30, 2018

Now Playing | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

3..2..1.. Mario! The Nintendo Switch has another release that Matt and Joe are super excited to play. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings everything we loved from the Wii U version...

/ May 5, 2017

Matt Never Played Splatoon

We're all eagerly awaiting the release of the Nintendo Switch in March. Matt is waiting for Splatoon 2 before he makes the... switch... However, he's never played Splatoon! Joe sits...

/ January 31, 2017

Last Minute Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

We're only a few hours away from Nintendo fully revealing and detailing its next console, Nintendo Switch. It was first announced in March 2015 by then-president Satoru Iwata as the...

/ January 12, 2017

The Free Cheese Game of the Year 2016 Day 3

We reach the halfway point as we start Day 3 of our Game of the Year 2016 awards. Today includes the awards for I'll Buy It Again, Best Friend, Best...

/ December 28, 2016

The Free Cheese Episode 168: Nintendo’s Witch

This week on The Free Cheese Podcast: we turn 3 minutes into 2 hours. Nintendo announced its newest home console, the Nintendo Switch. Long known by its codename, "NX," the...

/ October 21, 2016

Nintendo Switch Announced

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch.

/ October 20, 2016

The Free Cheese Episode 146: Game of the Year 2015

This is the one we've been waiting to record for a whole year. We came together to talk about the best games that were released in the year 2015 and...

/ December 25, 2015

Game of the Year 2015: Reader’s Choice Results

As we neared the end of 2015 and started to heavily discuss our choices for the best game this year, we asked you to vote for yours. We ran a...

/ December 24, 2015

Does It Still Hold Up?

Throughout 2015, I've been asking everyone what their game of the year was so far. After three, six, then nine months I asked the same question. I was intrigued after...

/ December 4, 2015

After 9 Months, What is Your Game of the Year?

Every week I ask my friends a question about video games and I post their answers in the form of an article for you to read and respond to. This...

/ October 2, 2015

The Free Cheese Episode 130: Splatoon Love Fanfiction

This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:   We get really excited about Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. Well, one of us does. Marc plays a little bit of The...

/ July 29, 2015