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Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part XII: You Need the Holy Water!

Kyle knows what Death can mean, yet he still discards his Holy Water... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aakbceX15ZA Wondering how I haven't stolen the controller yet? Me too. Read More

/ October 23, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part IX: Too Many Bones? So Many Bones

Suffer with me, won't you? Kyle finally makes it to the fifth stage in Castlevania, but the bone-throwing skeletons put a damper on his fun. If he can survive their seemingly random patterns, he'll have to duck and jump to...

/ October 16, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part VIII: Hit the Monster, Not the Igor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pme6W-l50eQ Another entry in the hit series, as Kyle finally learns to take down Frankenstein's Monster and leave the underground. The natural joy in his voice as he watches his foes erupt into flames is infectious, if not entirely insane....

/ October 12, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part VII: It’s Frankenstein’s Monster

If you haven't noticed by now, Kyle never played Castlevania. I sat down and made him play the NES classic in a video series, and in this episode we see him finally reach Frankenstein and Igor. I accidentally gave him...

/ October 7, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part VI: The Fleamen Cometh

What would October be without vampires, skeletons, and Frankenstein? That's why we're continuing our journey through Dracula's Castle in Castlevania for the NES. As the title implies, and if you've been following this series, Kyle never played any game in the...

/ October 1, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part V: Forever Underground

If you haven't been paying attention all weekend, we've been playing Castlevania to celebrate the game's anniversary on September 26. Well, Kyle has been playing it, as he has never once experienced a title in the franchise. So far, we have watched...

/ September 30, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part IV: One Mummy, Two Mummy

Kyle is almost at the halfway point of his first adventure in Castlevania, he just needs to make it past the Bone Pillars and bottomless pits. As we saw in our last video, Kyle takes advantage of the game's endless continues,...

/ September 29, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part II: Stoning Medusa

We continue on Kyle's journey through Dracula's Castle in Part II of our series Kyle Never Played Castlevania. In this section, watch as Kyle goes a little deeper into the castle and learns the horrors of a flying Medusa Head....

/ September 27, 2014