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What Are You Playing?

Every week on The Free Cheese Podcast, we begin with a segment called Now Playing where we talk about the games that we’ve been spending time with. In this article,...

/ April 27, 2018

The Free Cheese Episode 233: The Best Frozen Pizza

This week on The Free Cheese, we learn about frozen food. Joe begins his journey through the Metroid Prime trilogy on the heels of Halo. Marc finds a new affinity...

/ January 29, 2018

The Free Cheese’s 15 Favorite GameCube Games

The Nintendo GameCube turned 15 years old on November 18. Looking back on its history and the legacy that it leaves, we created a list of our 15 favorite games...

/ December 3, 2016

The Free Cheese Episode 157: Metroid Crawling in the Dark

Kyle leaves for a National Treasure adventure to find a gorilla ghost so Marc and Joe try to uncover the secrets that were Metroid Dread.

/ August 11, 2016

The Free Cheese Episode 119: Who is Arkham Knight?

This week on The Free Cheese Podcast: Join Joe, Marc, and Kyle as they try to figure out the identity of Rocksteady's upcoming conclusion to the Batman: Arkham series. We...

/ May 24, 2015

The Free Cheese Episode 107: Age of Ultron Post Credits LEAK HD

This week on The Free Cheese Podcast: We're playing EarthBound for our Game Club. Kyle breaks his gaming rut (hopefully) with LEGO Marvel Superheroes and a bit of the Animal...

/ February 4, 2015