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Questions About the Nintendo Switch Worth Pausing For

Finally! Thank you Nintendo for finally giving us a good glimpse of what the NX a.k.a. it’s real market name, the Nintendo Switch, is. I’m writing this about 50 minutes after the teaser was announced earlier today and I am super excited for this new device. The capability of something like this is amazing and that is more than enough reason to throw money at this hybrid console. However, I still have some lingering questions before I start saving up for this machine that is coming to us in march of 2017.

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Retro Spotlight: Super Mario Bros.

Where do you begin talking about Super Mario Bros.? Thirty years ago, Super Mario Bros. was first realized on September 13, 1985. The game's titular character, Mario, comes from Nintendo's Donkey Kong, first released in 1981. Increasingly throughout the 1980s, Mario began to show up in various Nintendo games. Sometimes as an active participant, such…

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Super Mario Maker: The Free Cheese 1-1

Playing video games for the better part of 25 years has provided many new experiences, not only within the games themselves. I've created friendships, career opportunities, and a lifestyle all from playing video games. The one thing I've yet to create however, is a game itself. I've thought about it, sure, but the task itself…

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Retro Spotlight: Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was released on July 10, 1987 for the NES. The game was originally developed from a vertically scrolling, 2-player cooperative title, which would eventually become Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic in Japan for the Famicom. Sprites were redesigned to create a sequel to Super Mario Bros. for a Western market after…

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