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Hitman With a Hammer Episode 015: I’ll Have the Wasabi

This week on Hitman With a Hammer, we learn the meaning of being lonely. Then, we try to complete some special missions while phoning in for sushi. https://youtu.be/V-PRu5fVDbk Read More

/ September 14, 2018

Hitman with a Hammer Episode 014: We’re Good

After far too long, we return to the hotel of horror to finish what we started. We've worked our way through some stages in this game a few times but...

/ September 7, 2018

Hitman with a Hammer Episode 013: Killer Claus

Merry Christmas! It's a day for tradition and celebration of those traditions. The smell of pine is mixed with fresh cookies and new socks, little Timmy is playing with that...

/ December 25, 2017

Hitman with a Hammer Episode 012: Is That Fred Savage?

We do what we can to infiltrate the building. Another episode in Marrakesh has us blending in as soldiers and wandering underground. We also learn how walking through smoke can...

/ December 1, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer Episode 011: Off to Morocco

We made some moves and bought tickets to Marrakesh. In our first trip, we wander through the streets and see what the market has to offer. Then, we become a...

/ November 10, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 10: Shovel Night

It's time we see things get escalated in Sapienza. Matt chooses our first foray into the challenges that await us, and tries to take out someone we expect has been...

/ October 20, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 09: Stone Cold Entrance

It's another thrilling episode of Hitman With a Hammer wherein Marc attempts to take out the second of the Sarajevo Six. He gets off to a rough start, and suddenly...

/ October 13, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 008: And Propane Accessories

It's Joe's turn to take down the targets in Sapienza. This time, we take the grandmother approach and spook our target into a death trap. We break into safes and...

/ October 6, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 07: The Sleeping Detective

On last week's episode, Marc found a bunch of science men who were trying to keep a virus cool. He heated it up and well, things got heated. Matt is...

/ September 29, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 06: Would You Like a Dr. Peps?

Which is the appropriate pasta to eat? Which type of sauce is the right sauce? We're going to Italy to find out. It's time we take out two new targets,...

/ September 22, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 05: Home Alone 3

We lied! We're spending another episode in Paris because there's unfinished business. We're here to throw hammers and dress like magicians. Oh, and of course, to start the fireworks show....

/ September 15, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 04: Vampire Assassin

Are you ready to hammer? Okay, sorry. This episode is our finest yet. We follow the trails of whispering boys to find the most elusive of targets and costumes. We...

/ September 8, 2017