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FourPlay Episode 44: One Year Later

This week on FourPlay:  Dan plays Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and loves it just as much as he did before he played it. He becomes obsessed with Ice, and he still needs to unlock the rest of the roster in Super...

/ October 29, 2014

FourPlay Episode 43: Yoshi’s Song

This week Joe & Marc are joined by Tyler to talk about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and how this game just keeps getting better and better. Then, we talk about the demise of survival horror and what truly defines...

/ October 22, 2014

FourPlay Episode 41: Collector’s Edition

Sometimes we say that "This is our best episode ever," but I think that seriously, this might be our best episode ever. Ever. We begin the show by detailing what we've been playing and a lot of it is Super...

/ October 9, 2014

Mom, Please Come Home

"In the early 1900's, a dark shadow covered a small country town in rural America. At that time, a young married couple vanished mysteriously from their home." These are the words that begin the first adventure in the Mother series. Mother, or EarthBound...

/ July 31, 2014