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The Strange Case of Alan Wake

"Before, I was ready to curl up and die, let myself slip away. But here I was, the yet unwritten...

/ July 29, 2014

Rapture in Your Pocket

Irrational Games invited the gaming world to visit the city beneath the sea in 2007's BioShock. The game put the player...

/ July 29, 2014

Gotcha! Or Not…: What Happened to Gotcha Force?

Today I want to talk to you about  Gotcha Force is one of the BEST 3D shooter/fighter games for the...

/ July 29, 2014

Sucker Punch’s Lost Robot

Sucker Punch Productions has made a name for itself through the Sony PlayStation exclusive franchises Sly Cooper and inFamous, but the studio first...

/ July 28, 2014

Don’t Look At Me: What Pokemon Snap Could Have Been

Pokémon Snap was released in the United States on June 30th of 1999. 15 years later and we still do...

/ July 28, 2014

…And We Never Heard From Them Again

We're happy to announce our first cover story for The Free Cheese: "...And We Never Heard From Them Again." This...

/ July 25, 2014