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The Strange Case of Alan Wake

"Before, I was ready to curl up and die, let myself slip away. But here I was, the yet unwritten future waiting to unfold before me." - Alan Wake This quote best describes Alan Wake as a whole. My name is Marc (Alan) Augustyniak. I'm an amateur writer. Competing with Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption on release day, (May…

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Rapture in Your Pocket

Irrational Games invited the gaming world to visit the city beneath the sea in 2007's BioShock. The game put the player inside of Rapture, the drowning dystopia, and asked that they figure out just what happened on New Year's Eve 1959. Handed a wrench and the ability to expel electricity from the character's fingertips, the players…

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Gotcha! Or Not…: What Happened to Gotcha Force?

Today I want to talk to you about  Gotcha Force is one of the BEST 3D shooter/fighter games for the Nintendo Game Cube I have ever played. A Capcom title that was released first in Japan, November of 2003 but came to North America a couple of weeks later. Earth is being attacked by "Gotcha Borgs" called the Death…

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Sucker Punch’s Lost Robot

Sucker Punch Productions has made a name for itself through the Sony PlayStation exclusive franchises Sly Cooper and inFamous, but the studio first began on the Nintendo 64 with a game called Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Rocket was released on October 31, 1999, and was published by Ubisoft. The game was unique for its reliance on physics-based platforming and puzzle-solving,…

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