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There are a lot of things we should take seriously. There are a lot of things that people take too seriously. Way too seriously. It helps when we have something come along and disrupt the order; when someone can upend the balance and leave us in a different state. The best humor is smart. The best…

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Why I Play Video Games

I've been playing video games for my entire life. My earliest memories are holding an NES controller, Batman, and eating cake. Everything else is a blur, but those three things stand out. My time with games has been my time with life, and I can draw distinct lines to events in my life based on…

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Retro Spotlight: ClayFighter

ClayFigher is a 1994 game first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, followed by the Sega Genesis in the same year. This fighting game was developed by Visual Concepts, published by Interplay Entertainment, and uses claymation-inspired graphics. The character models are digitized sprites of actual photographs of clay models. ClayFighter was released during the rise of…

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