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The First Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Footage Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment have debuted the first gameplay footage for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight. The video, which you can see below, does show all gameplay footage but it's presented cinematically and not like a traditional gameplay presentation. The trailer, "Evening the Odds" presents Scarecrow returning to Gotham City to gather Batman's greatest villains…

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What About God?

I climb up the wooden ladder that is attached to the top bunk by two metal brackets. As I rise, I pass by the hammock of stuffed animals that hang in the corner of the bedroom and they all smile at me as I lift my legs over the frame and crawl up into my…

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FourPlay Comic Book Special Episode

After some breaking news in the comic book world, Joe and Kyle decide that they need to dedicate a mini-episode to talking Peter Parker's return, Wally West's debut in the New 52, the delay of Superman/Batman and more. Please enjoy this weird two-man show that focuses on the comic book stories from the week.  …

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What the What?! Yeah, It’s 2014

I thought the new year would be a perfect time to let our readers know about what we've got going on behind the scenes of thefreecheesedotcom. There are a lot of conversations and discussions, a lot of plans that we all have together to make this site better and more interesting for you. Why don't…

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