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Now Playing | Mario Kart 8

We play what is arguably the best version of Mario Kart yet. Joe, Marc, and Matt take the tour of the Mushroom Kingdom from within go-karts. We play through some of our favorite courses, reimagined for Wii U. We discover that everyone can be a Sonic Boy. And Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy.

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Now Playing | Tokyo Jungle

The world is in ruins. Mankind has fallen. All that remains are two pomeranians. And some other animals, probably. Joe and Matt wander through Tokyo Jungle, climbing their way to the top of the food chain as they fight to stay alive in one of the coolest, weirdest games to ever come out of Sony…

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Now Playing | Rocket League

Sometimes you just need to hit a giant ball with a car. Fortunately, Rocket League is there when you have that craving. Matt and Joe use the power of the internet to go online and play 2v2 matches in Rocket League. Inside, you'll see as they learn to drive up walls, use cars to hit…

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