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Retro Spotlight | Final Fantasy VII

Our cover story this month, "Remember," is a little more than nostalgia for nostalgia-sake. We're looking back at the games we cherish to see where they are headed and how they are still influential in carrying the industry forward. Twenty years ago, Final Fantasy VII taught a new generation about Japanese role-playing games and left…

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Retro Spotlight: Twisted Metal 2

While it had an original soundtrack and did not in fact contain any licensed music, my memories of Twisted Metal 2 are just Rob Zombie's "Dragula" on repeat. In fact, it wasn't until the fourth game in the series that "Dragula" makes an appearance and only still in one level. Yet here we are with…

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Retro Spotlight: Armored Core

When I mention developer From Software, a lot of you probably have a specific idea in your head. Lately, that idea is centered around PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. For others, there is an association with Demon's Souls or Dark Souls. From Software, to me, originally meant something else entirely. Armored Core was first released in North…

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