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EarthBound Bit By Bit Part I

| The Year is 199X | Onett, A small town in Eagleland | Ness's House | EarthBound begins with some sweeping...

/ November 30, 2014

Remaking EarthBound

Along with many Wii U owners, I've spent the better part of this past week enjoying the recently released Super Smash...

/ November 26, 2014

A Pokémon Life

Imagine a world full of endless possibilities. You can be anything you want. President? Go for it! Own a small...

/ November 24, 2014

Why Final Fantasy Clicked

I grew up during the peak years of the NES, just before the rise of the 16-bit era. I watched as...

/ November 24, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part XX: Die, Monster!

The time has finally come. Kyle has worked his way through each grueling stage of Dracula's castle; fighting ghouls, skeletons,...

/ October 31, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part XIX: Does He Turn Into a Bat?

Kyle has entered the final battle against Dracula. Watch as he tries to defeat the Count once and for all,...

/ October 30, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part XVIII: Out of Time

Please Kyle, please just get there. You're so close to Dracula, you just need to make it past the Clock...

/ October 29, 2014

Kyle Never Played Castlevania | Part XVII: Walking on the Edge

After killing Death, Kyle realizes just exactly what stands between the end and where he lies. Read More

/ October 29, 2014