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Retro Spotlight | The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening was directed by Takashi Tezuka, but it first began as a project of Kazuaki Morita. Morita borrowed the company’s only Game Boy development kit at the time and in an attempt to discover the true potential and power of the handheld console, began making a game that closely resembled The Legend of Zelda. When realizing that such a game could be developed for the Game Boy, Tezuka along with Morita and Toshihiko Nakago began work on bringing The Legend of Zelda to the Game Boy.

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Warning! This Game Can Only Be Played in a Game Boy Color System!

Part of preserving video game history is preserving the games themselves, obviously. Another part is ensuring that any physical material is preserved; boxes, manuals, promotional materials are essential pieces of the preservation conversation. A smaller, weirder part of the history is preserving stuff like the warning screens that appear when you place a cartridge in…

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The Fall

I've been staring at different listings for Game Boy Pocket consoles for about the last month or so. This week, I finally bought one. I stared at it for about a day or so before pushing the button to make the purchase, but in doing so I think I might have unlocked something inside of…

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Retro Spotlight: Castlevania: The Adventure

Castlevania: The Adventure is the first release for the franchise on Nintendo's Game Boy. It debuted in North America on December 15, 1989, and put players in control of Christopher Belmont, an ancestor of Simon Belmont. In 2009, the game was remade as Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth for Wii, released on WiiWare. What made the…

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