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Bloodborne Birthdays

I celebrated my birthday this week, and with a few days off from work I had the chance to play some games- finally. It's been a while since I've just taken time to sit for hours on end and play something. Usually, my playing has been relegated to those brief moments when my girlfriend isn't…

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Play Something Dumb, It’ll Be Okay

Nobody wants to feel like they've wasted their time with anything. No one typically sets out with the intention of doing something they don't want to. Lately, I've been reminded of this idea however, that we kind of have to do things that we don't want to in order to realize something new about ourselves.…

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Diskun, The Lost Mascot

Have you ever seen this little dude? His name is Diskun. He was Nintendo's mascot for the Famicom Disk System and he won't leave me alone. As we bring our month of Castlevania to a close and I finalize some stuff for the last week of coverage, I keep seeing Diskun as I look around…

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The Fall

I've been staring at different listings for Game Boy Pocket consoles for about the last month or so. This week, I finally bought one. I stared at it for about a day or so before pushing the button to make the purchase, but in doing so I think I might have unlocked something inside of…

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What About God?

I climb up the wooden ladder that is attached to the top bunk by two metal brackets. As I rise, I pass by the hammock of stuffed animals that hang in the corner of the bedroom and they all smile at me as I lift my legs over the frame and crawl up into my…

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Welcome to thefreecheesedotcom

Hello and welcome to thefreecheesedotcom! Just over a year ago, Dan and I started The Game Fart. It was meant to be a weekly podcast where we talked about video games, but it quickly transformed into something more than we had expected. We set up the website and were writing articles about gaming related topics…

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