Category: All My Towels

All My Towels Episode 10: Ceiling Chan

This episode contains the plot to an upcoming Hollywood production. Tyler and Joe share stories of first boyhood thefts, found wood, old clothes, and paper surveys. We discover the plot of a classic horror film and write one of our...

/ February 10, 2017

All My Towels Episode 9: Mi Corazón

This episode contains the answers to being happy. Tyler and Joe talk about how schedules can help you stay sane, why college is stupid, and which colors hide stains. We learn the precise drum beat that will cure depression and...

/ February 3, 2017

All My Towels Episode 8: Hot Dogs & Mullets

Tyler and Joe have not spoken in three years. This is the podcast where they find out where they've been. We discuss hidden haircuts, new tattoos again, terrible movies, great comic books, digging up tulip bulbs, and more inside!

/ January 27, 2017