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The Month of the PlayStation Vita

Hello and welcome to May, the Month of the PlayStation Vita. On May 6th, 2014, the 2000 series of the PlayStation portable console will be released, and this year marks the second birthday of the handheld. We at thefreecheesedotcom absolutely adore the platform, and everything about it. With the release of a new model on…

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PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.70 is Out Today

When the next generation in gaming became the current generation in gaming, we were all ecstatic and eager to shell out our money for the new, pretty hardware. However, what quickly happens is a series of questions: "Where's the games?" "Why can't I do this?" Well, the games are coming, and as of today you…

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My Favorite Games of 2013

There are a lot of websites that will write up a Game of the Year list, and they'll give out awards and they will definitively say what the best game of this year is. We're not doing that here. Everyone has a different gaming background and everyone has different preferences in gaming. That's why I…

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