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Matt Never Played Shovel Knight Part XI

It seems weird to still say that Matt hasn't played Shovel Knight. This video takes him to the top of the tower to run the gauntlet of knights passed.

/ November 10, 2017

Now Playing | Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Matt has taken control of an orc army and is closing in on the kingdom. Watch as he defends one of his fortresses and hopes to elevate his warriors to...

/ November 10, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer Episode 011: Off to Morocco

We made some moves and bought tickets to Marrakesh. In our first trip, we wander through the streets and see what the market has to offer. Then, we become a...

/ November 10, 2017

Now Screaming | P.T.

In a variation on our usual "Now Playing", Joe and Marc watch Matt as he's screaming his way through Hideo Kojima's collaborative effort with Guillermo Del Toro in P.T. This...

/ October 30, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 10: Shovel Night

It's time we see things get escalated in Sapienza. Matt chooses our first foray into the challenges that await us, and tries to take out someone we expect has been...

/ October 20, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 09: Stone Cold Entrance

It's another thrilling episode of Hitman With a Hammer wherein Marc attempts to take out the second of the Sarajevo Six. He gets off to a rough start, and suddenly...

/ October 13, 2017

Matt Never Played Shovel Knight Part X

The end is just ahead at the top of the tower. But, will Matt survive the climb to the top? It's time to run the gauntlet of stage design lessons...

/ October 13, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 008: And Propane Accessories

It's Joe's turn to take down the targets in Sapienza. This time, we take the grandmother approach and spook our target into a death trap. We break into safes and...

/ October 6, 2017

Now Playing | NHL 18

It's October. For many, it means the celebration of autumn and the wearing of sweaters. For Matt, it means baseball is over and hockey is here. He puts Joe and...

/ October 5, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 07: The Sleeping Detective

On last week's episode, Marc found a bunch of science men who were trying to keep a virus cool. He heated it up and well, things got heated. Matt is...

/ September 29, 2017

Hitman With a Hammer | Episode 06: Would You Like a Dr. Peps?

Which is the appropriate pasta to eat? Which type of sauce is the right sauce? We're going to Italy to find out. It's time we take out two new targets,...

/ September 22, 2017

Matt Never Played Shovel Knight Part IX

Matt finally learns what his favorite D-pad is. The answer WILL SHOCK YOU. Or it won't. In this segment, Matt takes on Propeller Knight the final of the Order of...

/ September 22, 2017