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Wave Goodbye To 2013

Best Console Game of 2013  The Last of Us takes this baby home. It is simply an amazing piece of artwork. I love this game so much. I should get it framed. The story is one of the best I've seen done, and I'm including Viva Pinata. So, take that! Honestly, The Last of Us…

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My Favorite Games of 2013

There are a lot of websites that will write up a Game of the Year list, and they'll give out awards and they will definitively say what the best game of this year is. We're not doing that here. Everyone has a different gaming background and everyone has different preferences in gaming. That's why I…

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2013: A Year In Review

GAME OF THE YEAR:   The Last of Us   If you’ve tuned in to FourPlay before, you’ll know just how much we love this title. After making it on every panelist’s list of Best Game of the Last Generation, it should be no surprise that this title dominated in its release year. The pinnacle…

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Tearaway Review

Tearaway is one of those titles that come along every so often and from beginning to end are simply a joy to experience. What Media Molecule has created here is a full understanding of what a video game is, and not just what a video game should be but what it could be. Tearaway breaks convention in…

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Op-Ed: End The Console Wars

I'm sitting in my apartment on launch day of the Playstation 4, eagerly awaiting the knock at the door from Mr. UPS Man. As my excitement reaches its peak for the next generation consoles to become current generation, I've been reflecting on the past generation, and those prior. For most of my childhood, a new…

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