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Review: Don’t Starve Console Edition

I typically try out as many indie games as I can afford if and when they hit Steam, but somehow this slipped through the cracks. Luckily, the folks at PlayStation...

/ January 28, 2014

Dear Konami

Hey Konami, It's me again, but you know that. You've been expecting me. You've probably already read numerous letters from your old friends just like me. Well, maybe I can...

/ January 20, 2014

FourPlay’s 2014 Gaming Predictions

For all of you who don't have an hour and forty-five minutes to kill listening to FourPlay Episode 10, here is a summary of hopeful (or dreadful) predictions made by...

/ January 17, 2014

PSN 14 for ’14 Sale Starts Tomorrow

The new year means something different for each of us, but for the last several years I have come to know it as the time for huge discounts on PSN....

/ January 13, 2014

My Favorite Games of 2013, dpp Edition

I typically have a hard time committing to just one definitive “best” of anything. You may say that I’m indecisive, but I prefer to think that one cannot fairly lump...

/ December 24, 2013

Wave Goodbye To 2013

Best Console Game of 2013  The Last of Us takes this baby home. It is simply an amazing piece of artwork. I love this game so much. I should get...

/ December 22, 2013

My Favorite Games of 2013

There are a lot of websites that will write up a Game of the Year list, and they'll give out awards and they will definitively say what the best game...

/ December 20, 2013

2013: A Year In Review

GAME OF THE YEAR:   The Last of Us   If you’ve tuned in to FourPlay before, you’ll know just how much we love this title. After making it on...

/ December 18, 2013

Tearaway Review

Tearaway is one of those titles that come along every so often and from beginning to end are simply a joy to experience. What Media Molecule has created here is a...

/ November 26, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Review

I remember the day that Batman: Arkham Origins was first announced. I was excited to read that a new entry in the series was being developed, but prudent when I read...

/ November 20, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins Review – Why So Scurrilous?

Fearing that their beloved Caped Crusader has become an annual installment akin to military shooters, sports “simulators,” and franchises such as Need for Speed, Batman fans shuddered at the announcement...

/ November 19, 2013

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode One Review

The return to Rapture was too short while being too long.

/ November 16, 2013