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Retro Spotlight: ClayFighter

ClayFigher is a 1994 game first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, followed by the Sega Genesis in the same year. This fighting game was developed by Visual Concepts, published by Interplay Entertainment, and uses claymation-inspired graphics. The character models are digitized sprites of actual photographs of clay models. ClayFighter was released during the rise of…

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FeaturesQuestion of the Week

Do We Need Review Scores?

Every week, I ask my friends a question about video games and I post their responses as an article for you to read. This week, I wanted to know about video game reviews. I asked: Do you care about review scores? What do you look for in a review? How do review scores affect the games…

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Retro Spotlight: Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 was first released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Developed by Nintendo EAD, Star Fox 64 is a sequel to the SNES game Star Fox. The game was the first game that supported the Rumble Pak for the Nintendo 64, a peripheral that added a vibration feature to the console's controllers. The…

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Newgrounds Retrospective

While thinking about my history with video games, I can easily associate an era or span of years in my life with a particular console and type of game. As a child, the NES dominated my game playing time, with platforming games at the top of my list. At a point, the SEGA Gensis bled…

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