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There is a world within our own that we seldom see. Usually it’s because we aren’t looking for it, but typically it’s because we aren’t looking for it the right way. We become hypnotized in routine and paralyzed by the mundane parts of life. So many of us find ourselves lost in nothing while we try to search for some answer to a question we don’t know how to ask, in a place we don’t know exists.

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The Sound of Castlevania

Video game music has now reached the point where it rivals the best of film scores. Modern releases over the last decade host within them grandiose orchestral scores that provide a sense of environment and depth to the game that creates a clear departure from what we had previously come to expect in video game…

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The Castlevania NES Trilogy LIVE

Today, Joe and Marc are playing the NES trilogy of Castlevania games live. To celebrate thirty years of Castlevania and the feature of this month's cover story, join us as we play through the first games in the series. Watch live video from TheFreeCheese on Starting at 4:30PM EST/1:30PM PST, we'll play through Castlevania…

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Close your eyes. Imagine something that terrified you when you were young. Replay the image in your mind and remember what that fear felt like. After years, it is difficult to reenter that exact frame of consciousness but you can recall pieces of it. Let them flash against the backs of your eyelids like an…

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