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This month is not about the best games released this year. It is not about which game is better than the other. It is about the games that have challenged us in new ways, and the games that left us different for having played them.

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Terrible Fate: A Majora’s Mask Tribute

2014 saw the release of three original Pikmin animated shorts from Nintendo, the first real effort in years from the company to bring its properties to other forms of traditional media. Since the release of the Pikmin shorts, Nintendo has promised a future of expansion when it comes to developing its characters for new platforms,…

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Retro Spotlight | The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening was directed by Takashi Tezuka, but it first began as a project of Kazuaki Morita. Morita borrowed the company’s only Game Boy development kit at the time and in an attempt to discover the true potential and power of the handheld console, began making a game that closely resembled The Legend of Zelda. When realizing that such a game could be developed for the Game Boy, Tezuka along with Morita and Toshihiko Nakago began work on bringing The Legend of Zelda to the Game Boy.

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There is a world within our own that we seldom see. Usually it’s because we aren’t looking for it, but typically it’s because we aren’t looking for it the right way. We become hypnotized in routine and paralyzed by the mundane parts of life. So many of us find ourselves lost in nothing while we try to search for some answer to a question we don’t know how to ask, in a place we don’t know exists.

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