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One of the Big Kids

There are certain responses that my brain has to different stimuli that have become intrinsic to my body's reactions to influence. There's the specific way that I sharply inhale air and sip coffee so that I can cool it down before it burns my tongue. There's the brace for impact that I do when I…

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Hello Again Shadow Moses

There are moments in video games that bring out various emotions consisting of excitement, shock, or even sadness to the point where you say “I can’t believe this is happening.” There is one moment in particular for me that executes on all these emotions, but combines them with a brilliant pace and nostalgia to create…

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Our Favorite Moments of E3 2017

E3 2017 is already behind us. The event took place over three days, but for us it was twice as long. EA started off the festivities with its conference on Saturday, and the rest of the companies followed in the days to come, ultimately leading to Nintendo on Tuesday morning, just before the show started.…

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