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Marc Augustyniak’s Favorite Games of 2016

This has probably got to be the most games I've played within the year they were released. I usually seem to miss the train on new releases for some odd reason or another. That being said, I'm happy with what...

/ December 30, 2016

Game of the Year 2016 Nominee | The Last Guardian

As Fumito Ueda's third and latest game, The Last Guardian finally makes it way out of development purgatory and into our hands. And I feel like it's safe to say that it was worth the wait.

/ December 29, 2016

The Free Cheese Makes Mario | Part II

With Super Mario Maker being so recently released, we can't stop playing it. The other night, I sat down with Joe and Kyle to make each of them a level. We had five minutes to create our levels from scratch,...

/ September 15, 2015

A Link to Marc’s Past

I'm going to share a story with you. A story of how a certain franchise has been apart of my life in a way I didn't realize at first. Around Ages 3-5 I had a lot of toys as a...

/ November 26, 2014

Marc Goes on a Costume Quest | Part II

To celebrate both Halloween and our cover story, here is some more of Costume Quest from Double Fine. There's still one more video coming after this one, so enjoy! Read More

/ November 11, 2014

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Review

Everyone who reads the site should know that I've been looking forward to this game for a good while now. From E3 to the hands-on Wii U demo at Best Buy. I specifically pre-ordered this game at Best Buy just so...

/ October 15, 2014

Marc Goes on a Costume Quest

To celebrate the month of October and the ever-approaching Halloween holiday, I sat down to play some of Double Fine's Costume Quest. The game is an RPG, or role-playing game, but it isn't as strict or hardcore as most games that...

/ October 14, 2014

The Strange Case of Alan Wake

"Before, I was ready to curl up and die, let myself slip away. But here I was, the yet unwritten future waiting to unfold before me." - Alan Wake This quote best describes Alan Wake as a whole. My name...

/ July 29, 2014