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Pokemon GO (A Dream Come True?)

Here at The Free Cheese I am considered the resident Pokemon Master. (Pause for applause.) I mostly write about Pokemon and given the chance I will talk about Pokemon. So, it is only fitting that I write about Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO is an amazing project being made by The Pokemon Company and Niantic. Being…

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A Pokémon Life

Imagine a world full of endless possibilities. You can be anything you want. President? Go for it! Own a small business? Get yourself a loan. Teach under privileged children? Mold those minds! You will not find me doing any of that. I will be in my dark room exploring the world of Pokemon and ruining…

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Nintendo’s New eShop Titles

Affordable Space Adventures Thorium Wars: Attack of the Sky Fighter Chariot Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy Swords & Soldiers II Shovel knight Stealth inc 2 6180 The Moon A.N.N.E. Armillo STARWHAL: Just the Tip Cubemen 2 Moon Chronicles: Ep 2 One Piece Unlimited World Red Pier Solar and the Great Architects Tappingo 2 Woah Dave…

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