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​Chris Taylor plays a lot of dumb games, is pursuing a graduate degree in English, and is taller than five foot five. He actively pursues garbage-tier games and appreciates trial and challenge modes in fighting games more than the games themselves. His favorite games include Marvel vs Capcom 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Super Mario RPG. As a boy he carried his Dreamcast around and spent his weekends at a conservatory playing guitar. He mainly plays games on the treadmill and is annoying to have in your party.

Kick, Punch: It’s All in the 90s

Fighting games teetered on the brink of extinction until Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 led its rough and tough colleagues towards a renaissance of kicking, punching, and fireballs that would re-ignite one of the most exciting genres in all of video...

/ July 31, 2014

Super Smash Bros. Most Wanted: Ryu

Plain and simple, there is no fighting game character more iconic than Ryu, Street Fighter’s wandering World Warrior. He is the prototypical fighter that most every 2D fighter creates a derivation of for their lead character. Even the party fighter...

/ July 17, 2014

Ludonarrative Dissonance in Open World Games

As gamers grew more indignant with the normative linear story experience of gaming, their dissent led to bigger pushes in marketing moral choices, alternate endings, and more open world gameplay in the big budget games being produced. In 2014, the...

/ June 23, 2014

Mirror’s Edge 2 Announced

First person parkour title, Mirror's Edge 2, was announced at EA's 2014 press conference. Some snazzy conceptual footage was shown off to fans hungry for more adventures controlling the nimble limbs of Faith. While the original Mirror's Edge was lauded as...

/ June 9, 2014

Platinum’s Xbox One Exclusive, Scalebound, is Announced

Hideki Kamiya announced Platinum’s exclusive Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound. With a slick trailer featuring materializing armor, high-flying action, and monster-on-monster battling, Platinum’s arrival on the Xbox One looks to be as exciting as expected–it is a Platinum game after all,...

/ June 9, 2014

The Niche Machine

In a world where the handheld market is dominated by the 3DS and mobile devices, the Playstation Vita stands no chance stepping toe-to-toe with the cash cow behemoths of the industry. Instead, the Vita dares to be different and proudly...

/ May 22, 2014

Chris’ Top Five Vita Games

  Persona 4: Golden A wonderful re-make of Atlus’ whodunit JRPG that’s centered on your experience in a new town where you and your new friends must travel inside of the television to reach a hellish world where you must...

/ May 2, 2014

Dark Souls II Review

The Souls series is exclusionary, masochistic, unforgiving, stress-inducing, and the most rewarding gaming experience you can experience. The sheer cathartic bliss of tackling a pre-boss segment is equivalent to the same relief that comes with vanquishing most common game’s end...

/ April 14, 2014