There were an incredible amount of quality video game releases this year. That’s a really generic way to say that 2017 was an historical year for gaming. Every year adds to the library of work that this industry creates, but every few years we see that one calendar year where the stars align and every month brings with it a new wave of instant masterpieces.

The beginning of the year brought us a brief but powerful reminder that Japan still makes video games. In recent years, the West has dominated a lot of the cultural zeitgeist as Japanese developers either skewed more toward a mobile crowd or seemingly struggled with evolving the craft to cater this generation. The first three months of the year were a quick glimpse at why that population reigned over the industry for so many years.

It was a year where developers tried new ideas, games learned from their mistakes, and our favorite franchises evolved into something new. From it all, here’s who you thought should win Game of the Year 2017:

Congratulations to NieR: Automata for The Free Cheese Reader’s Choice for Game fo the Year 2017!

Amidst a staggering amount of games that we’ll likely be talking about and playing for years to come, you the audience of The Free Cheese chose NieR: Automata. Congratulations to PlatinumGames, Square Enix, and Yoko Taro.

Stay tuned to The Free Cheese all week long to see where NieR: Automata ends up on our lists, and where the rest of the nominees all shake out. Thank you for your vote and for hanging out with us this year.

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