This week on The Free Cheese, we find the weirdest mascot. Joe has been playing more Let It Die for the first time in a while, finding excitement on the twenty-third floor and hunting through the depths of SR-388 in Metroid: Samus Returns. Marc goes full Marc as he discovers his Game of the Year, Fight’N Rage, and he finally starts 999. Matt catches up with NieR: Automata’s robot party and then tries out a new position in NHL.

We talk about the actual, real way that PlayStation and Xbox players can actually play together — and how Microsoft boss says that it’s cool. We throw back a little to the Mario 128 demo that debuted with the GameCube. Then, we close it up with a look at Rare and its fifteen years under Microsoft’s arm.

Posted by Joe Dix

Joe is the creator of The Free Cheese. He eats a lot of pizza and takes thousands of pictures of his pugs Oswald and Earl every day.

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