Nintendo is releasing Star Fox 2 later this month. After almost twenty years since its cancellation, the second game in the series will officially see the light of day. The game will release on the Super NES Classic Edition and unlock to those who complete at least the first level in its predecessor. It not only marks the first time since the game will be playable to the public, but also the first time that Star Fox will reach an officially emulated platform. In the history of Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, no Super FX games have been released.

I never owned a Super Nintendo, so my investment in the console’s library isn’t as strong as it might have been had I been on the other side of the console war. I’ve slowly been acclimating myself with Nintendo’s 16-bit offerings since the Virtual Console started on the Wii.

Today, I finally give Star Fox the attention I should have given it before. While I’ve played and completed Star Fox 64 through the years, I’ve never made it past the training area in Star Fox. I’m not sure that what I get to today is anything to be impressed with, but I finally make it out of training.

Posted by Joe Dix

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