It’s true that we individually find delight in certain things. It could be the way something looks or feels, perhaps the way it tastes and smells, or even how it makes us feel and what it makes us think. It’s true too that we often find delight in more than one thing, and that we spend our time juggling the enjoyment of them in a fine balance that makes us feel the right amount of pleasure.

What if, we were to take two of those things and combine them? It has the potential to be even greater than it were before. It also offers the chance to ruin them both, so that we’re left without either of the two to enjoy.

If you take a moment to think, you’ve got an idea about who your favorite character is. You know what your favorite tastes are. You can remember every detail about your favorite shirt. It’s likely that you can remember your favorite everything, dating back as far as you go.

Not all of those things will blend well, but many of them will often pair nicely. It’s why we have chocolate and peanut butter cereal. It’s why we have striped clothing. It’s why we have the Justice League. Our favorite things can become even better together than apart.

In August, we’re talking about what it’s like when worlds collide. Video game crossovers have dated back almost as far as the medium itself. We want to explore the beginnings of crossovers and what made them so appealing. We want to look at the unlikely crossovers that somehow made it to the shelf. We’ll talk about when developers leave and try their hand at someone else’s property. We’ll write about guest appearances in games and how even the smallest contribution can change a game entirely.

It’s all about when different properties begin to intersect with one another and where that can benefit and become detriment to a game. We’ll discover how development on these types of games can become tumultuous and learn whether or not its always beneficial to fold everything together. We’ll also look at the greatest successes of blurring the lines and how those games have helped us to ascertain brand new worlds to fall in love with.

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