Not really. It’s gone forever.

Last week, Episode 205 was posted about three hours and thirty minutes later than we usually post each episode. When we had completed recording the episode, I spliced in some music from Castlevania III and began the export process to turn the file into a listenable MP3.

It failed to export.

Again, and again, and again.

I spent a while that night and the next morning trying a few different things, all of which ended in failure. Finally, by copying and pasting the tracks into a fresh file, I was able to export and post our episode.

This week, with Episode 206, we didn’t have the same luck.

During the recording of the episode, the program froze because the disk write speed was too slow. We paused and resumed, and everything played out fine. When it came time to edit, I couldn’t even play the track back without it overloading the drive and ceasing playback. It got even worse when I tried to mix in the break music. With patience, I got everything edited to the point that I was satisfied with and attempted to export.

It failed.

Again, and again, and again.

I tried to upload it to cloud storage. It failed.

I tried to export it to an external drive. It failed.

I tried to AirDrop it to Matt. It failed.

I put my machine into Target Disk Mode and tried to transfer the file to Matt.

Any guesses? It worked! Oh wait, yeah, no. It failed.

At this point, I ran the first aid tool on my hard drive and it found a need to repair the drive. I booted the computer into recovery mode so that I could attempt the disk repair and initiated it. It ran, for a while, and it failed. I attempted this a few more times and each attempt resulted in failure.

Here, I figured I would reboot the system and attempt one final export of the file after cutting it up into segments, to see if it would work.

I couldn’t boot into the operating system.

I suppose the stress of attempted disk repairs was enough to push the drive to its limits, and I was really at the point of no return. I had to restore the machine back to factory settings and recover what I could from my backups, albeit without Episode 206.

And then Matt had a flashback to a game he picked up and played earlier this year. Thanks to his time spent with Hacknet, Matt learned a few unix commands that we could use in Terminal. We spent about thirty minutes running through my file system to attempt to locate and copy the file to an external drive through unix commands. Most of the time was us troubleshooting our limited knowledge of that language, but it was incredibly invigorating.

In the end, we found the folder and alas, there was no Episode 206 file. At its root, the file was corrupt beyond repair and became the final nail in the coffin of that drive’s ability to function.

I still am unsure the status of the drive, and whether or not I should expect this inevitability sooner rather than later but as it stands, I restored my computer and recovered what I needed from backups. Potentially, a bad partition I created could have been the cause of it all and now that I’m back to the standard drive I might be okay. A new computer is on the horizon, but for now, I think we’re okay. And I think that we’ll be using Matt’s computer to record for a few episodes.

It’s a shame that the world will never hear the episode. First, because Matt and Marc took time out of their days to come and record for two hours. Second, because we know we have listeners who download the show every Monday morning. Third, because we had really great dialogue about third parties on Switch, scares in games, hacking baseball, sleep schedules, returning to Bloodborne, fighting game obsessions, and naturally, The Great Hentai War.

I’m excited to return next week to discuss Splatoon 2 and potential Bloodborne platinum trophies, but I’m saddened that we’re without a show for now. Thank you my Marc for recording a show. Thank you my Matt for great hacking. Thank you my listener for hanging out with us.

We’ll see you next week.

Posted by Joe Dix

Joe is the creator of The Free Cheese. He eats a lot of pizza and takes thousands of pictures of his pugs Oswald and Earl every day.

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