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Somewhere in all of us is the soul of adventure. It’s what makes us remain curious and what drives us to do something different than we otherwise would. It’s what allows us to leave our lives, if but for only a while, and pretend to be something else.

In the depth of the summer, July, we see the true power of that person inside. It’s here that we allow ourselves to wander. It’s now that we take the time to discover.

Do you remember the first time you joined your friends to hike through the woods? Or the hours you’d spend chasing fireflies and bottling them up?

When we were younger, we’d spend the month exploring our surroundings. We’d find new places in the world we knew. Each day brought the idea of a new journey and something to find. We’d stay there forever, or for what felt like forever. We became nomads, meandering in the twilight. The days stretched on forever and our sense of time shattered. It was here that we had no responsibility, no one to answer to, and nothing at all mattered.

In July, we become lost.

This month, we’re studying how games encouraged a sense of adventure within us. We want to look at how games allowed us to lose ourselves to the moment, and not worry about tomorrow. That sense of aimless direction that shone true to us every summer as we vacationed and escaped schoolwork is kept alive in the games we play.

July always seemed to be the month where summer finally settled in. June usually held a bit of school and responsibility, while August was the beginning of the inevitable end. July, from end to end, was nothing but our time.

We’ll talk about the games that we got lost to and those that remain lost to us. We’ll explore concepts in games and how we play them that embody the idea of being lost.

Joe Dix

Joe is the creator of The Free Cheese. He eats a lot of pizza and takes thousands of pictures of his pugs Oswald and Earl every day.

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