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We’re one week away from the launch of Nintendo’s next home console. At this point, Marc and Joe have gone hands-on with the console for a morning’s length of time and answered Matt’s rapid-fire Lightning Round of questions. Still, as much as we’ve studied and combed through, we don’t know everything about the Nintendo Switch. Here, we ask what questions remain.

 As someone who isn’t buying this thing day one, a lot of my questions I’m not worried about. I’ll get answers to them as people get their hands on the new device. There is one question that I would want to have answered. How is the Virtual Console going to work?

After the delay of the Virtual Console was announced yesterday, I found myself surprisingly upset for day one owners of the Switch. I really haven’t invested much money into the feature myself, but I look at how much Joe and Marc have spent in it. If that content doesn’t transfer over to the new console they should be furious. I certainly know I would be. Nintendo needs to find a way to make this happen and until that’s announced that’s a question of mine.

The other part of my Virtual Console question is what platforms will be available. From what I’ve been told by Joe and Marc, the Virtual Console platforms are split between different handhelds or consoles by Nintendo. It would be amazing to see one cohesive Virtual Console on the Switch. In my opinion, this will be as cool as going to New Donk City this holiday season. Then on top of the cohesive library let’s add in more past consoles. I absolutely want GameCube as an option on the Virtual Console and a lot of rumors have pointed in that direction. If we received good news on all these questions, I will be a very happy Switch owner in the future.

After attending the Nintendo Switch event, many worries were put to rest. So what else could I still be thinking about?

The most obvious one is the online service. Nintendo has officially spoken very little about this. Here we are a week away from launch and still no more details have surfaced from the horse’s mouth. So what’s going on?

Another question I have is will they make an updated version of the Switch? I mean I personally doubt it, but I also have a hard time trying to predict or imagine what Nintendo is capable of. I never expected the Game Boy (and Game Boy Advance) and the Nintendo DS to get so many variations and make overs. Who knows what Nintendo has up their HD sleeves.

What happened to Karen?

My biggest source of curiosity lies around Virtual Console. I love playing new games but even more I love playing old games with new eyes. I’ve personally had a scattered history with Nintendo, usually alternating console ownership. A lot of my exposure to Super Nintendo games has come from Virtual Console.

Nothing can ever replace Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for me, but in 2012, EarthBound reached the second rank on my list. If it weren’t for Virtual Console and Nintendo releasing that game on Wii U, I likely would never have played it. I doubt that I would have purchased a cartridge, given its notable and constant high price, and emulation doesn’t do it for me. Usually, random ROM emulation lends itself best to taste-testing certain games and moving on. I doubt EarthBound would have ever received my attention long enough.

What we’ve yet to see is consistency within Virtual Console. Every iteration of the service has been different than the last, in emulation, library, and platforms supported. I really want Nintendo to define the Virtual Console and take it as serious as its consoles. The way that PlayStation seems to be narrowing its focus on PlayStation Now should be how Nintendo approaches Virtual Console. Define support for it, detail what it is and what they want it to be, then do it.

I really don’t care if my purchases carry over from previous platforms. I think it’s cool that day one on my PlayStation 4, I had a dozen games to play, thanks to my previous PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita libraries. I didn’t need it though. I’ve always approached each console as its own thing and with its own library. I don’t look at Switch any differently.

To contradict myself a bit, I do want this iteration of Virtual Console to be the one I carry forward. Not because of Virtual Console, but because of what I want Nintendo to implement with the Switch operating system and with the new Nintendo Account User ID. Much like every other service, when I register, my stuff is on everything that company creates. I want Switch OS to be that for Nintendo. The true realization of this new hybrid world for Nintendo should be the operating system that is console agnostic and transitions between all future Nintendo hardware.

Also, where is Pikmin 4 and Mother 3 and WarioWare and Metroid and F-Zero and-

What questions do you still have about the Nintendo Switch?

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