Pinball for the Nintendo Entertainment System was first released in 1985 as a launch title for the NES in North America. Nintendo based the game on the 1983 Game & Watch game of the same name.

It was one of the titles that was programmed through contract work with HAL Laboratory, with a young Satoru Iwata taking the lead on programming.

It has been rereleased on Nintendo’s Virtual Console, specifically on Wii and Wii U, but it also made an appearance in the original Animal Crossing as one of the games made available to players through progression and collecting in the game.

It offers two main options for play, Game A which is meant for more causal play, and Game B which increases gameplay speed, features a heavier ball, and is meant for more skilled players. The game itself is a simple pinball board that takes place across two screens, each with its own set of flippers and typical pinball table bumpers and switches. A bonus mini game can be accessed that plays out similarly to Breakout or Arkanoid.

Pinball is one of the Black Box games on the NES, among the likes of Baseball, Golf, Gyromite, and more. It, like other arcade titles and pinball tables, features a simple point of entry with a great depth of challenge.

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