Month: December 2016

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INSIDE is indie developer Playdead’s second game. You may recognize them as the developer of the critically acclaimed LIMBO. Does their second game live up to the expectations that LIMBO has created for them?

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FeaturesQuestion of the Week

Which Game Surprised You Most in 2016?

Every week on The Free Cheese, we ask a question about video games. We, the editors and contributors, answer that question and post those answers in an article format for you to read and respond to. It’s a conversation that we start, and you continue. This month, we turn the conversation to our favorite games of 2016…

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Cover StoryGolden


This month is not about the best games released this year. It is not about which game is better than the other. It is about the games that have challenged us in new ways, and the games that left us different for having played them.

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