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To bring us to the end of our Golden cover story, the end of the month, and the end of the year we thought it fitting to ask what you thought was the best game this year?

As The Free Cheese, we awarded Game of the Year 2016 to id Software’s DOOM. DOOM received a perfect score when we reviewed the game this year, and when awarding it with Game of the Year 2016, we said “DOOM is and always will be a force of energy that burst into the stillness of modern video games.”

Read on to see what our editors chose for Game of the Year 2016 and why, then tell us what wins your Game of the Year 2016.

My entire list of favorite games this year is filled with stuff that I would’ve cocked an eyebrow at when the year first started. Most surprising for me is the game that landed at the top of the list and is more than just my favorite game this year.

DOOM might not be what I want from every game, but it is exactly what I needed and exactly what I wanted from a video game in 2016. DOOM is beginning to end nothing but fun and nothing but a video game. It sounds like a dumb thing for someone to write on a website about video games but there is no other video game in the purest sense for me in 2016.

I had a lot of weird and magical stuff in 2016 that pulled my brain into all sorts of other places. DOOM swept in and pulled me into hell, not letting me come up for air until I killed every demon I could find. I love DOOM and I’m so happy I played it.

 I’ve talked about it a few times now at this point so I’m going to make my answer short and sweet; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is my game of the year.

I’ve invested so much time and energy into the Uncharted series that I had huge expectations for this game. I’m usually cautiously optimistic about games I’m excited about, but this one I couldn’t contain myself especially after how good the storytelling was in The Last of Us. Uncharted 4 blew away my expectations both from a gameplay and story perspective.

The ride to the end is one I’ll never forget and the epilogue itself is one of the best endings in video games ever. I’m happy to see the way the Uncharted series has ended for now and it just so happens that the game that ended it this year was the best experience I had all year.

 I knew this was going to be my game of the year before it was released. I’m going to be doing that next year too with my most anticipated game of 2017.

The second this game was announced I was immediately hyped for it. I’ve been a big fan of Team Ico. Sadly, this comes with a dark secret; I have yet to finish both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I know I know. How could I? To be honest, I’m not sure. I have this thing for appreciating games from the outside more than within? It doesn’t make sense to me either but that doesn’t mean I’m never going back. I plan on completing those two in the future. This means that The Last Guardian is the first game I’ve completed by Team Ico (now known as genDESIGN. I’m happy that I live in a world where this game exists and I’m able to hold it in my hands.

I appreciate this game’s presentation. It has a unique fairy-tale like style to it all. A heart warming and heart breaking tale about a defenseless boy who teams up with a mythical griffin-like creature scaling the ancient ivory towers in hopes of the boy returning to his home village. You get a rocky start with Trico as it’s violent towards you at first until you pull the spears out of it and feed it. As you progress, Trico starts to grow as well as with the friendship between you two. You eventually get give Trico commands, but there will be times will Trico will act on instinct alone and it will play out to your favor. From scaling the towers to fighting the armored shadow creatures. I witnessed first hand of Trico overcoming his fear in order to save me. Just as I over came obstacles that seemed beyond me to save Trico. None of this takes place in scripted cut scenes. It all happens in real time and it’s beautiful because you can just spend an hour of the game just petting Trico and taking to apprecaite this magnificent creature. I love how the setting itself plays as a main character. Telling a story of what this place is and what you need to do to overcome such a behemoth of an obstacle.

I’m kind of just going all over the place with this and probably doing the greatest job of conveying everything that I want to. I know there are other articles of me giving this game high praise, but I highly suggest you listen to our GOTY podcast episodes where I’m more vocal about this game. I love giant lovable creatures due to my affinty with dogs and other animals. I love that Trico is willing ot grow and learn with you. I love that you two need each other in order to advance depsite the fact you’re a defenseless little boy. What lack in strength, you succeed in intellect and manuverability in small spaces. I love how this games intuitively makes you feel for Trico and how you’re willing ot do whatever it takes to make sure Trico’s okay. Like after a ferocious fight and you have to pet Trico long enough to calm it down to get it’s bearings straight. I love the way the story is told through gameplay mostly. I love how aware the boy is of his surroundings when you’re controlling him. I love how weighted he feels. I love how much height anxiety this game has given me. Teaching me that every move I make is as important as the following one. I love how this game teaches you how to be unconditional and have compassion. I love that this game has heart and made that the centerpiece which holds this game together.

I love The Last Guardian and this is enough on why it’s my personal game of the year.

What’s your game of the year 2016?

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