You know when you spend what feels like an eternity trying tongue out the food that’s hiding behind your teeth? That moment of relief combined with the remembrance of a great meal; That’s how I feel about gaming in 2016.

I should also mention that there’s going to be some games on this list that were not mentioned in our GOTY podcast discussions because I either forgot or didn’t play them until way later.


10. Overcooked

I knew what I was getting myself into with this game and I’m happy it delivered. Great game to play with your friends. I do not recommend single player at all. Simple and straight to the point; Work together to cook food while dealing with obstacles.

9. Job Simulator

I’m so excited for VR in general. The second I got to play this, I was intrigued. I even started to believe that I could lean on a counter of a convenient store to scratch a scratch-off ticket. I almost face planted myself into my friend’s living room floor. The graphics aren’t even remotely realistic and I still fell for it. There’s not much replay value to Job Simulator, but it’s definitely worth a play through. A humorous and great way to kill some time.

8. Cyberpunk Bartender Action VA-11 HALL-A

I haven’t given this game nearly enough time to have an overall opinion on it, but for a first 4 hours I’d say I’m impressed. I typically don’t play games that are akin to visual novels and not for any negative reasons either. I just never got into them. However, this one has won me over. The dialogue is one of the most realistic I’ve seen in a game in a while. The conversations that are had remind me of real life discussions with my friends or acquaintances. From the mundane to the what the heck that was random and unexpected. I love the visuals and it’s great seeing into Jill’s life in and outside of work.

7. That Dragon, Cancer

It feels a bit out of place to have this near the bottom of the list and at the same time I’m happy to have this on my list over all. It’s hard to label this as a traditional game because it’s a looking glass into an indie developer’s life, his family, and their struggle dealing with Joel’s diagnosis. It’s seriously the most genuine and human thing I’ve ever witnessed from a game. I’ve had to stop a couple times to just cry due to how much love was put into this project. It can be overwhelming for many people, but with that being said, this a game that needs to be experienced by everyone at least once. Love & Respect.

6. Gotta Protectors

I’m telling you right now, for fans of classic NES games, tower defenses, and action games like Dynasty Warriors, I urge you to play this on 3DS. I recommend multiplayer over single player due to it’s ever scaling difficulty. This is developed by member of Ancient, a company who has worked on classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2, and ActRaiser2. They know what they’re doing and their marketing for the game is witty to boot. Look into it.

5. Nioh (beta)

Yeah that’s right, I’m putting a beta on here and darn tootin’ good one at that. Team Ninja’s crack at the “Souls” genre. From the team that made Ninja Gaiden made something that feels like it should be the next Onimusha. I’ll admit that I get a bit overwhelmed with these types of games. This one for some reason cured that problem. For one, the face buttons are your attack buttons which makes more sense to me. Secondly, each weapon has it’s own in-depth skill tree which enables so many different way to utilize a weapon of your choice. You’re basically learning how to master a weapon the more you use it and I love that about Nioh. I didn’t know what to expect exactly when going into this and boy am I ecstatic for this game to finally release soon. Come on 2017!

4. Final Fantasy XV

This game is breaking a lot of ground and is probably one of the more controversial Final Fantasy titles out there. I like the direction this series is going in. The fantasy grounded in reality theme is a theme I’ve come to appreciate the more time I spend with this game. The subtleties this game presents are so sentimental that missing it might mean missing the point of the entire game itself. It’s actually about the journey as cliche as that may be. Going on a grand adventure with your friends would more than likely play out to something like this. I’m excited to take that experience further with online multiplayer. Cheers FF XV.

3. Hyper Light Drifter

From it’s time of conception to it’s official release, I’ve been eagerly waiting to play Hyper Light Drifter. As mentioned before, it’s basically a high-quality indie game’s Legend of Zelda (see why I was so eager?) I think having the insight from a developer’s point of view of the game really helped me appreciate this even more than I thought was possible. More companies and devs need to take notes from this. That aside, the game itself is mesmerizing. The combat alone is addictive. With it’s neon colors and it’s futuristic yet ancient fantasy world, Hyper Light Drifter is a game I can see myself coming back to time and time again like I do with Hotline Miami.


Rip. And. Tear.

That’s all you need to know about this game. Story takes a back seat in favor of amazing gameplay. You just feel powerful. Even more so when the heavy metal starts pumping through your veins as you mutilate everything that moves. This was a game I was originally cautious about and extremely satisfied when I completed it. Looking forward to it’s inevitable sequel. Irony: Doom brings pleasure.

1. The Last Guardian

People let me tell you ’bout my best friend
Trico’s a warm hearted …catbird… who’ll love me till the end
People let me tell you bout my best friend
Trico’s a one boi cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy

(I’m not sorry for any of this)

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  1. I nearly teared up reading your post for The Last Guardian; you created poetry when you talked about it on our Game of the Year podcast. Also, thank you for reminding me to buy VA-11 HALL-A.


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