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Game of the Year 2016 Nominee | The Last Guardian


When it comes to video games, The Last Guardian is in a league of it’s own. I’m not even sure if I can put my finger on it. There’s just something distinctive and unique about a game like this that I cannot accurately compare it to anything else besides it’s earlier predecessors.

You wake up in a dungeon next to Trico who’s chained and wounded. A creature that could easily take your life becomes the meaning of your life as you two work together to escape “The Nest”. You grow closer as you scale the ever growing ivory towers of The Nest as you deal with many obstacles such as ancient structures crumbling into debris, floors falling out from beneath your feet, shadow soldiers trying to steal you away, and constant leaps of faith that you both must endure in order to progress.

I appreciate this game’s way of storytelling. Most of it is told through the actions of the characters sans scripted cut-scenes. A favorite moment of mine was when I was going to deal with these shadow soldiers to remove the sigils that frighten Trico so it could catch up to me, but Trico did something I did not expect; Trico overcame it’s fear to save me. After this touching moment of action, I spent a good couple minutes just petting Trico and taking screen shots.

This game kind of keeps you guessing on who really is The Last Guardian here. Both of you have traits and qualities that compliment each other for you could not advance with either one alone. You both put so much on the line for each other that it’s truly a beautiful sight to see a friendship blossom in a both heart warming and heart breaking game.

Team Ico has a way of standing out with their titles. They convey an obscure yet enchanting fairy tale aesthetic. This is what draws me in every time and I think the same can be said for many others. Ico probably didn’t get the recognition it deserved in the states, but Shadow of the Colossus most certainly did. It was quick to become a greatest hit. Though I give these games such high praise, I’ve heard my share of polarizing opinions with each game. Whether it be the controls or the visuals or whatever. No game is perfect, remember that, but The Last Guardian is perfect for me.


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