Here we begin Day 3 of voting for The Free Cheese Game of the Year 2016.

Joe, Marc, Matt, and Dashe discuss the nominees for the third round of Game of the Year categories.

This episode includes the awards for:

  • I’ll Buy It Again
  • Best Friend
  • Favorite Free Cheese Moment
  • 2016’s 2015 Game of the Year

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I’ll Buy It Again

Gravity Rush Remastered

Remakes and remasters are nothing new. In fact, the more years that pass, the more remakes and remasters that we seem to be receiving. For as many reissues as we see each year, there’s one every year that we see that stands out as the one to buy. this award goes to that game that we’re happy to see remade and we’re glad to revisit.

Gravity Rush Remastered brings the excellent action platformer from the PlayStation Vita to PlayStation 4 and transforms it in the process. We loved the game on Vita when it was first released and thought that the game featured an impressive new game mechanic and was both inventive and fun to play with. Further, Kat became one of our most beloved PlayStation characters and we loved seeing her added to the likes of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

As we wait patiently for the sequel to Gravity Rush, we were elated to revisit Kat’s first adventure now on the big screen with DualShock 4 in hand. There are so many rereleases in 2016 alone but if you have a PS4 and are looking for something to play for the first time or just once more before the sequel, grab a copy of Gravity Rush Remastered.

Runners Up: Sega 3D Classics Collection • NES Classic Edition

Best Friend

Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus (Final Fantasy XV)

When we escape into someone else’s life, it helps when we can see things not only through their eyes but through their relationships. As the characters we play as build a stronger bond with those surrounding them, we do too. This award is for the best supporting characters in this year’s games, and those who we wouldn’t want to adventure without.

It was almost no question, although there was some deliberation, that the combination of Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus would win this category. The trio join Noctis as we fight to save the kingdom of Lucis from the empire Niflheim. It isn’t long into the opening of the game that we can see the bond between the four characters. The opening cutscene starts with aged versions of our four heroes, fighting side-by-side amidst a terrible scene.

We see them set off together and we watch the title play over the sounds of “Stand By Me” and the scene of the friends pushing their car, recently run out of gas. The beginning of the game does much to show us how important this group will be to the story in the game, and as we continued on our journey we only felt their importance strengthen.

Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus went everywhere with us and they helped us become better in both the game and outside of it. Motivational speeches and helping hands went a long way to carry us forward, and they reminded us why we love the friends that we have. We could see ourselves so easily represented within these dudes and we were happy to wander the world with them.

We loved seeing Prompto’s next picture and tasting Iggy’s new recipe, and Gladio reminded us that mullets are making a comeback. Within only a few hours of playing the game, we knew we had built a special bond, but after an entire journey with them- these three are our best friends.

Runners Up: Trico (The Last Guardian) • Jonas, Ren, or Nona (Oxenfree)

Favorite Free Cheese Moment

Tyler Killing Castlevania

We do a lot on The Free Cheese. We have a new podcast episode ready every week, cover stories every month, and we do our best to provide interesting things to read almost daily. Every now and then, we record some gameplay and perhaps even play something live. Among all that we do, there are a few moments or jokes that stand out the most to us, and this award goes for the one thing that made us laugh the hardest.

While we know he’ll still hate us for bringing this up, we genuinely loved when our friend Tyler joined us during a live playthrough of the Castlevania trilogy on NES. Marc and Joe had been playing for a few hours at this point, and after struggling to make much advance, had finally reached the last stage in the game.

Tyler entered the room and through exhaustion, we offered him the controller to find ourselves some brief respite from the challenge. In a moment of aggravation with the game and without us remembering to warn Tyler of the killswitch on our setup, he quit the game and lost all of our progress mid-broadcast.

We felt so defeated by the game that we were relieved it was over, and obviously all we could do was laugh. We know he took it hard on himself but we thought it to be the funniest thing and were so happy that it happened.

Runners Up: MarcGame™ • Nintendo Switch Reveal Day

2016’s 2015 Game of the Year


Much like our previous category, “I’ll Play It Next Year,” there are always games that we can’t stop playing from the year prior. It might be something we never stopped playing, or something that slipped by us and wasn’t enjoyed until the year after. This award goes to the game from 2015 that we enjoyed most in 2016.

Bloodborne was an incredible achievement from From Software, released last year. It won our Reader’s Choice Game of the Year 2015 and was a runner up to our Game of the Year. It not only perfected the formula that From Software had created in its previous worlds, but it did something that none of them could have done.

We loved continuing our characters from our original playthroughs and creating brand new ones with brand new journeys. Bloodborne is unlikely to ever grow stale or tire and as a true masterpiece, it surely stands out as last year’s pinnacle.

Runners Up: Rocket League • Splatoon

Congratulations to all of today’s winners. We’re just over the halfway point of our Game of the Year 2016 awards but we still have two more day’s worth of awards. Come back tomorrow to see the winners of five more categories.

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