DOOM is really, really good. I gave it a perfect score when I reviewed it, and for us it qualifies as a nominee for Game of the Year 2016. When we think of something to be nominated for Game of the Year, we consider a few qualifiers.

DOOM through and through feels really great while you are playing it. Every weapon has been designed in a way that engage you as a player and help you to want to try the spectrum of choices. Upgrading each weapon kept adding new elements to the gameplay that made you feel more powerful at every turn.

The game, acting as a reboot of the franchise in ways, leaves you wanting to play it more. From the start, the game flashes a sign that reads “DEMONIC INVASION IN PROGRESS,” and you are running. Not literally, but you feel a sense of motion flush over you and you feel eager to proceed with the world in front of you. Through the end of it, DOOM leaves itself embedded in your brain constantly reminding you to come back for more.

Ultimately, DOOM is really fun to play. The game features Glory Kills, which involve the protagonist ripping demons apart with his bare hands, that are perfectly animated and executed in a way that never grows old even after hours of watching them happen. Each area in the game is a new chess board with a series of enemies laid out like pieces on the board, and you the pawn are badass enough to fight all the way to the king.

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