I was craving something different from a first-person shooter for a while. That craving was answered when Battlefield 1 was revealed alongside that awesome cinematic trailer with “Seven Nation Army” playing throughout. The World War I setting seemed like the perfect change for Battlefield. The hype train started then and it still hasn’t died for me to this day (even with that awful post E3 thing where Snoop Dogg was smoking weed).

It really starts with the gameplay for me. I love Battlefield for what it is. This still feels like a Battlefield game and that is awesome. There is still this massive online battle going on that spreads you out into squads. The typical class base structure is here. It’s pretty much the same four main classes, just with slightly different names to adjust for the period. Despite the typical Battlefield feeling, this game feels different. WWI was about trench warfare and this game embraces it. Not every area in every map has these areas, but they are there just enough to make you appreciate the era this war takes place in. Also, because of the trench warfare, this game feels slower. However, the way the gunplay and vehicles play, it feels faster than how the game should be played. I welcome this weird unique marriage of styles because it works so well.

The gameplay blends well to the setting that DICE went for too. Each map brings a unique setting that encapsulates areas you would find during WWI. It helps that everything around you brings that vibe from the war. From the guns to the vehicles, everything brings the WWI vibe that this game nails. None of this would work if Battlefield wasn’t pretty to look at. Good news though, it is one of the prettiest games I’ve played this year.

Battlefield 1 sets out to bring shooter fans one hell of an experience during WWI and achieves this with highest of honors. I’m so excited to hop into a game when I load of the game, that I still haven’t gotten around for the single player, which by the way I’ve heard nothing but good things about. Despite not playing the single player, this is one of the best games I’ve played this year and deserves to be a nominee for The Free Cheese’s Game of the Year 2016.

Posted by Matt Soellner

Matt is a borderline Sony fanboy, but loves to play anything that is fun. Has a healthy diet of coffee, beer, and some forms of food in the middle. Can talk about sports about as much as he can about games and when he is not in front of his consoles he is on the family party boat.

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