The beauty of a masterpiece is not what makes it great. A masterpiece isn’t so simply because of what it is nor where it was born. All that defines a masterpiece is how it is interpreted. What makes something a masterpiece is you.

We fall in love with something because of how it makes us feel. It teaches us and asks us to think differently than we have before. We struggle to understand it but when we look at life through its perspective, we become something better than what we were before.

The masterpiece remains a masterpiece only because of our relationship with it. For something to endure, it must change with us; it must show us something new as we evolve and grow.

This month, our cover story focuses on our favorite video games that we’ve ever played. This is not a celebration of only 2016, but of every year and every game that we’ve ever been inspired by. We play games every day and we’ve done that our entire lives. Along the way, there have been games that made us think differently, feel differently, and in some cases become a different person than we were before we had played.

We want to focus on all of those games that have made us who we are today and discover what it is about them that has shaped one another into that person. We want to learn about each other through the games that taught us who to be.

This month is not about the best games released this year. It is not about which game is better than the other. It is about the games that have challenged us in new ways, and the games that left us different for having played them.

It’s about all that is golden.

Game of the Year 2016 Nominees

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Fire Emblem Fates
Final Fantasy XV
Hyper Light Drifter
The Last Guardian
Battlefield 1

Retro Spotlight

2006 | Mother 3
2001 | Grand Theft Auto III
1996 | Super Mario 64
1991 | Sonic the Hedgehog

Staff Favorites

Joe Dix’s Favorite Games of 2016

Marc Augustyniak’s Favorite Games of 2016

Matt Soellner’s Favorite Games of 2016

Game of the Year Awards

Round 1 | Best One-Session • Best Toilet Game • I’ll Play It Next Year • Best Aesthetic/Style

Round 2 | Biggest Disappointment • Please Don’t Suck • Best In-Game Moment • Best Multiplayer

Round 3 | I’ll Buy It Again • Best Friend • Best Free Cheese Moment • 2016’s 2015 Game of the Year

Round 4 | Best Single Player • Most Innovative • Favorite Industry Moment • Best DLC/Expansion • and Best Narrative/Story

Round 5 | Most Surprising • Best Score/Soundtrack • Best Old Game That We Played This Year • Most Anticipated • Game of the Year

Reader’s Choice

Game of the Year


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