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We are well underway into our month of Secrets, so let’s discuss some of them. We’re discussing some of our favorite easter eggs found in video games!

What is your favorite easter egg in a game?

I don’t really have a favorite, but I’ll name a few that stick out.

Halo: Reach – Club Errera
After completing a couple tasks in a specific order, the enemies in Club Errera are all dancing to a club remix of the original Halo theme. They’re harmless until you hurt one. You’ll know you done goofed when you hear that classic record scratch.

Viewiful Joe – V-Bomb
In the GameCube version, charge the V-Bomb long enough and you’ll heat Joe whistle the Super Mario Bros. theme.

Super Mario Bros. 3 & Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – A Familiar Tune
The warp whistle in SMB3 and the recorder in LoZ(NES) are one and the same. Both play the same tune that summons a little twister that will warp you to a random dungeon(LoZ)/world(SMB3)

This same tune is played appropriately by an ocarina in the opening music to OoT.

I want to give honorable mentions to two games and then say my favorite one. Recently, I have played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and there was a little message in the game that drove me crazy and frustrated. When facing the incredibly hard boss named the Galamoth in the Floating Catacombs, at the bottom of the room are letters that spell out “rip.” Now this may not seem like a big deal but the castle is inverted at this point. That means these letters should look weird and upside down. However, they look that way in the floating catacombs of the normal castle. Konami knew the type of boss they made and just mocked you. It pissed me off at the time, but now I look back and laugh at how awesome it was.

The second honorable mention is going to go to Battlefield 4. The search for the Megalodon in the multiplayer portion of the game was a community effort with notable Youtubers leading the effort like Jackfrags. Seeing the huge shark jump out of the water after a series of events on the map, Paracel Storm, is awesome to see, but I think the length of time to find it and the massive search for it is the cool part of the easter egg. If you’re looking for the story I would encourage you to go to Jackfrags channel as he has a couple of videos explaining the effort.

My favorite easter egg has to be Psycho Mantis “reading your mind” from Metal Gear Solid. Now I realize this is a boss fight and it’s not something you go out finding, but so many unique things are happening I consider it an easter egg. It all starts in the intro sequence to the fight where depending on the games saved to your memory card, Psycho Mantis will “read your mind” and call out what you’ve been playing. Also, if you had a DualShock controller, Mantis would ask you to put the controller on a surface and he would move the controller “using his mind”. The last part, but my favorite part of this fight, is the actual strategy to the fight itself. It is encouraged to move the controller from port 1 to port 2 on your console. Mantis has an advantage in the fight with controller port 1 because he is using that port to “read your every actions” Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite franchises ever and this boss fight is a huge reason why I love the series.

This is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Partially because Easter Eggs in games typically stand out in the moment, and are tricky to remember that “Aha!” that you had upon discovery. It’s also tough because when you do begin to remember them, you can’t pick a favorite. How can I say that finding Samus’ ship in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is cooler than realizing that a rock formation is Billy Mitchell’s tie in Donkey Kong Country Returns? How rad is it that Arkham City was hiding right inside of Arkham Asylum all along? Or what about that meeting for EarthBound 2 that was taking place in Fourside?

I’m also particularly fond of hidden games within other games. There’s something novel to discovering something you once loved within something that you’re falling in love with.

For me, I’m quickly reminded of a game from rather recent times. I learned a lot of how to be a human being and how to react to life from two guys who to me are like the older brothers that I’ve never met. Since Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s names first flashed across my TV in 1997, South Park has been this incredible influence on my life, and as someone who came to know the show so intimately, it was warming to have South Park: The Stick of Truth pay so close homage to the show.

Small things, like the bottle of “Pregnant No More” atop Kenny’s closet or a bass guitar in Token’s attic, were item appearances that added a flavor of the show’s deep history to the game. The random items you could find inside of the different boys’ houses as you wandered through town always offered something to chuckle at.

Seeing Scuzzlebutt propped up inside of Jimbo’s Guns immediately made me smile, as did the sea people on Cartman’s desk. What really nailed it for me was the music that played on the random radios throughout town, particularly in the Post Office, where you could hear “Love Gravy” in the air. Weapon choices like the dodgeball or the Mongorian bow just added that little touch that made this such a special game.

It was the attention to detail and a perfect tribute to something that I held close to me for so many years that made The Stick of Truth what it was.

This was a tough question for us because of all the possiblilties so what what did we leave out or did you agree with all of our choices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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