Month: November 2016


DOOM Review

I really love DOOM and I really don’t love first-person shooters. There’s something special about this game that sets itself in its own class and doesn’t become muddied or stale. It’s really good at being DOOM and that says a lot when other games try to be everything they can but themselves. I give it my highest recommendation and I’m eager to see what comes next from both DOOM and id Software.

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Where Did This Come From?

Tomorrow sees the release of Final Fantasy XV. The game is currently loaded to my PlayStation 4, along with a countdown timer to midnight when it will unlock and become playable. My brain has been yo-yoing over the last few days between, "I can't wait for this game," and "Why did I buy this?" Final…

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Terrible Fate: A Majora’s Mask Tribute

2014 saw the release of three original Pikmin animated shorts from Nintendo, the first real effort in years from the company to bring its properties to other forms of traditional media. Since the release of the Pikmin shorts, Nintendo has promised a future of expansion when it comes to developing its characters for new platforms,…

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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Review

I was the wrong guy to play Azure Striker Gunvolt. I bought the game because it came packaged with a demake of the same game, Mighty Gunvolt, that seemed like developer Inti Creates returning to its Mega Man roots and creating something in the style of the old NES action games they had come to…

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Making Our Own NES Classic Edition

Nintendo couldn't make enough of the NES Classic Edition for us to be able to obtain one on launch day. After driving around and meeting disappointment bit after bit, Marc and Joe decided to take matters into their own hands. We spend just over thirty minutes playing through a random assortment of NES games,…

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