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With last week’s big announcement, there’s really only one question worth asking right now:

What do you think of Nintendo Switch?

 Nintendo may be on to something here. This is the most excited I’ve been for a Nintendo console since… well… ever! If you’ve been following the site at all recently, I’ve been vocal on my initial love of the new machine. There are a few questions I have before I’m all in, but as long as there is no terrible news coming out in the next few months, this probably will be a day one purchase for me.

I don’t think this will be my primary machine, but the aspect of being able to take console games on the go is a game changer. Recently, I have been playing a lot of Mafia 3. As I say in my review of the game, there are a lot of moments where I felt like I was grinding my way to the next section. If I had this game on the Switch, I could have gotten through some of those parts during breaks at work so I could come home to play the good parts of the game. That’s just one example of many possibilities but there may be a good possibility of moving my playing of a few different types of games to the Switch if they are available on it.

I said this on the podcast and I’m going to say it again: If Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a thing on the Nintendo Switch, I’m going to jump for joy and anxiously await my new Switch. It is wishful thinking but I can always dream. Realistically though, if the new Zelda is joined by a bunch of Nintendo Wii U ports day 1 or launch window, I have three to four things to play that I have never experienced before that I want to play.

My main concern of the console is the third-party support it is going to get. I’m not going to go into detail as I have before on the site, but if third-party support is there for Nintendo this time around, I think they are going to be in a good place going forward with the Nintendo Switch.

I am so surprised by Nintendo Switch. A lot of the concept of the new console was leaked earlier this summer, and what’s most surprising to me is that it was all practically true.

What occurred in the three months between concept leak and reveal of Nintendo Switch was the inevitable climb of our expectations into the realm of the impossible. Once we got a taste of what could be, we (me, you, us, the internet.com, everyone) needed to know that it was real. As we waited to learn the truth, we kept building it up in our collective minds to be exactly what the leak said it would be until we were sure we knew what it was. In the end, the realm of the impossible is our reality.

The thing is, nothing in the almost four minutes of official Nintendo footage tells us anything new about the console. It does, however, say a lot about Nintendo. This is it. This is what the company has been trying to do since it first put Donkey Kong on the Game & Watch. Nintendo Switch is not just a hybrid of home and portable console, but a hybrid of all of Nintendo’s history as one machine.

Nintendo Switch evokes so many feelings for me. The logo harkens back to the Nintendo Entertainment System, something near to me and many others, something that is about to get another wave of nostalgia on November 11 with the NES Classic Edition (There has to be a slip of paper advertising the Switch in every box or something is wrong). The trailer is showing a Nintendo that wants me, not my grandparents, not the kids playing stickball behind my house; me. Of course it wants everyone, but here, now, Nintendo wants to grab those of us with disposable income and a longing for our childhoods to return to be first in line when this console ships.

It also reminds me that this is the last piece (that we know of) of Satoru Iwata’s role as President and CEO at Nintendo before his death. I believe that everything he had dreamed of during his time at the head of the company is coming to life in this platform. It’s somber, but he’s at the front of my mind when I look at Nintendo Switch and it’s “brand-new concept.”

 I’m glad we finally know what it is and it looks awesome, but I still have a lot of questions. I will definitely get it but I will most likely wait until late next year. Also, I need to see some of the games that are coming out for it other than Breath of the Wild. I hope they release a new Mario game that is not Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros related.


 The Nintendo Switch instantly made me happy. We’re finally past the Wii/WiiU series. It felt like ages since two consoles shared a name so it’s a breath of wildly (hehe) fresh air. After watching the reveal trailer, my initial reaction was lost in bliss. I’ve been reading, watching, and talking with others online about it. Seeing what everyone’s thoughts and opinions were. Some have shown valid points of caution while others make memes out of “Karen” and laugh at other parts of it. I’ve been able to ground myself a bit after everything setting in and here’s my overall thought: Happy.

What I’ve taken from the whole thing is the versatility and options. You can not only ‘switch’ between home and on the go, but you can switch how you control and play on this system. Playing alone? Use the standard or pro controller. Playing with a friend? Share the Joy Con controllers or you both use pro controllers. Playing with more friends? Have multiple Switches set up with whatever controller you wish to use..like the pro controller. They’re getting rid of the limitation with not only with playing either at home OR on the go, but they’re also getting rid of the limitation of only one type of controller. They want to as many options as possible for you to help customize what works best for you and your experience with the game. The words I mentioned earlier: versatility and options. I find these to be very admirable. They didn’t have to do any of this. They could have been just like Microsoft and Sony and threw out one way to play…which I’d also be fine with if it were just the Pro Controller, my obvious choice of controller in case you couldn’t tell by reading this paragraph. Overall, I love the concept and ideas they have presented with just a three minute trailer. I can see myself playing around with every option they’ve provided. Especially for smash bros. where you have to use whatever’s available.

Speaking of games, it looked like that trailer showed previous WiiU titles but with minor enhancements. Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon having what looks like new content. Perhaps other games will follow this too. Will Breath of the Wild have any minor differences content wise? That’s really all I’m really hoping for: to hold that game in my hands. I’d love to see how Animal Crossing will evolve with this. What I don’t want to see is every game ending with Switch unless it’s used as a clever/dumb pun. I hope to see a lot of great multiplayer & co-op games. Oh! Now I know. I hope the virtual console purchases carry over and any future purchases are a one time buy/own forever deal. When they make Spla2n, I hope they include a more in-depth single player campaign. I loved the 3d platformer-esque style they had going on. I hope Smash for 3DS & WiiU gets an updated name like Super Smash Bros. for Switch with maybe more bonus content? Characters? Levels? Etc? Or you know, just make a new game. We desperately need another F-Zero. Enough said on that. Probably every game I’ve mentioned so far is more than likely wanted by everyone. So you’re probably thinking, “Marc, what are some ‘MarcGames(tm)’ you’d want to see on the Switch. Well Joe, I’ll tell you.

Bomberman, Gotcha Force 2, Shovel Knight 2, [insert obscure colorful Japanese game here], [insert silly indie game here], Switch Sports, annnnnd Mystical Ninja. I need my Goemon Konami. I saw your name on that list of partners with the Switch. Make the switch and revive your sweet classic franchises! Also Capcom, please, PLEASE, bring back Mega Man Legends 3.

Even if I don’t get the games I hope for, I’m still Pharrell Williams about the Switch. Happy.

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Posted by Joe Dix

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