Part of preserving video game history is preserving the games themselves, obviously. Another part is ensuring that any physical material is preserved; boxes, manuals, promotional materials are essential pieces of the preservation conversation. A smaller, weirder part of the history is preserving stuff like the warning screens that appear when you place a cartridge in an older console.

Specifically, Game Boy Color cartridges were programmed to have a warning screen that usually said something along the lines of “This can only be played in a Game Boy Color system” when the cartridge is placed into a Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket.

This could have been achieved with a simple “ERROR” or maybe the console could have displayed a weird glitch that crashed the system. Instead, Nintendo wanted every game to fit itself with a built in warning to educate the player that they’ve grabbed the wrong machine.

Rey Esteban of the Video Game Museum has done the impressive job of collecting every single warning screen for the Game Boy Color line of games when placed into the incorrect system.

If that isn’t enough, Video Game Museum also has a collection of every Super Game Boy border and similar warning screens found on the Neo Geo Pocket and WonderSwan consoles.

I love finding weird pieces of history that would otherwise go forgotten or remembered every once in a while. To have it all collected in one place is pretty rad.

Posted by Joe Dix

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